Europeana Connect

EuropeanaConnect, funded European Commission, 2009–2011

EuropeanaConnect (May 2009–October 2011) developed components for Europeana —the European Digital Library— to provide integrated access to digital resources from museums, archives, and libraries of Europe.

CIBER provided analysis and evalution of users, usage, and information-seeking behaviour throughout the project.

See Europeana Pro for publications on Europeana's development, results, initiatives, and policy intentions.

Culture on the go

Culture on the Go (October 2011) shows how access to information is changing as people search for, read and use information on the move. A growing proportion of web browsing happens on smartphones and tablets at home, in offices, and elsewhere. This shift will have a radical impact on the design and functionality of websites, and will inevitably reflect back to the desktop screen itself.

D3.1.3 report

D3.1.3 Log Analysis Report (.pdf)


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session time


Robot pageviews

Google referrals


per capita

Collections and their markets

Users and nations

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D3.1.3 Part II Tables 1 (.pdf)

D3.1.3 Part II Tables 2 (.pdf)

D3.1.3 Part II Tables 3 (.pdf)

D3.1.3 Part II Tables 4 (.pdf)


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Benelux (presentation 2012-04-26)

Internal Visitors - Benelux

External Visitors - Benelux

Mobile Visitors - Benelux

Mobile Visitors - Scandinavia

All Visitors - Scandinavia

All Visitors - British Isles

All Visitors - Poland 1

All Visitors - Central Europe

All Visitors - Central Europe 3

All Visitors - Poland

All Visitors - World

External Visitors - Scandinavia

External Visitors - N. America

External Visitors - S. America

External Visitors - Asia

External Visitors - Australasia

External Visitors - Europe

External Visitors - Central Europe

External Visitors - Central Europe 3

External Visitors - World

Internal Visitors - Scandinavia

Internal Visitors - Europe

Internal Visitors - Central Europe

Internal Visitors - Central Europe 3

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